MLK Day and Your Kids: A Good Time to Start a Conversation

MLK Day and Your Kids: A Good Time to Start a Conversation

Note: I wrote this blog post a couple of days ago. I wish had more time for these posts, but I do what I can with the time I have. Last night while we were eating dinner, H mentioned he didn’t have school today. We said that was right and asked him if he knew why. I was AMAZED at what he knew about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In his 6 year old way, he told us about segregation and how Dr. King fought against it. He told us he made a big speech and then stood up and bellowed “I have a dream!” He said “you know, he changed the world.” We continued talking and H said he wanted to see the “I have a dream” speech so we pulled it up on youtube after bath time. L was confused that the video was only in black and white and quickly lost interest and H kept asking when he was going to say “I have a dream!” I’m not sure how much they absorbed, but it made me happy they watched it. Plus, I got this really cute picture that makes me smile. Also, a thanks to Deitra Scott and Brandi Downey who read this before it was published! Ok, original blog post below.

I’m sure you know that today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Most kids don’t have school and the government is closed. (Oh wait, it has been for almost a month.) But did you know that MLK Day was established by Ronald Reagan in 1983 and that it was first observed in 1986? Stevie Wonder even wrote his Happy Birthday song and held a rally at the site of MLK’s I Have a Dream speech, in support of the holiday’s legislation. I was shocked that this day wasn’t observed until the mid 80s! And did you know… ready for this… MLK Day wasn’t officially observed by all 50 states until 2000! 2000!!

In the past, I have treated MLK Day solely as a day off. I didn’t give much thought to WHY we celebrated MLK other than the little bit I knew from my history classes which was he lead the peaceful civil rights movement that included the Montgomery bus boycott and the March on Washington. The Civil rights movement was taught to me in school as something that was completed so now we celebrate that victory by getting a day off work and honoring a man who played a great part in that movement. As I get older and have children of my own, I realize that is not the case. Should we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr and all he accomplished? Absolutely. But to treat this day simply as a day of celebration for a movement that has achieved it’s end goal is wrong. We should honor MLK Day by doing the work of the civil rights movement – to actually make progress to complete the mission. I think that work looks different for each of us as we are all in different stages of life. For me, parenting is what I am most focused on so my hope is that I can use this day as another jumping off point to talk to my children about race.

Let me stop here. I am a white woman with white children. I was hesitant to write anything about MLK Day because of that fact. I recognize that I am coming from a place of privilege and, most likely, ignorance. I have not endured injustice simply because of the color of my skin. I am not forced to have conversations with my children about how there are people who will not like them because of how they look, and to find the balance between providing enough information to prepare them, but not enough to make them angry or too hurt. When H turns 16 and gets his drivers license I will watch him drive off without thinking twice what might happen if he is pulled over. It’s easy to gloss over these issues for me and my family, but it doesn’t mean we should. I am learning more and more about my own prejudices and am seeking out how to begin conversations with my children about race. MLK Day is a great day to have one of those conversations or to start them if you haven’t already.

Granted, H is almost 7 and L is 4, so I want these conversations to be age-appropriate. I’ve found books are great tools to introduce kids to big ideas or concepts. Lucy has a board book, The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hudson has Dream March. We’ll read these books today and, if I know H, he will have questions that will lead the conversation. I might fumble through some of my answers and there will be times I will have to tell him “I don’t know, but I will find out.” I won’t get it perfect and sometimes we both might leave the conversation with more questions unanswered than answered, but none of this is an excuse not to talk to my children about race, discrimination and the part we play in that dynamic. Besides, if we both keep thinking about those unanswered questions, we may come up with solutions to some of them, and isn’t that a wonderful way to celebrate the work and life of Dr. King?

Having these conversations once a year is not nearly enough though. From what little I know, exposure to people who are different than you is key to combating prejudice. This is one reason I love Houston so much! We are the most diverse city in the country! What a wonderful opportunity for my kids to grow up with such diversity around them. They learn about various ethnicities and cultures through festivals, cuisine, museums, and performing arts if we just step out of our comfort zone and take them to experience these things! I hope they look back and understand what a gift it was to grow up in a multi-cultural city. If you are wanting to get out and about today, there are several MLK events around Houston. CultureMap has a good write-up of activities that are open to the public.

Do you talk to your children about race? How do you acknowledge MLK Day in your home?

take care!

Winter Break and Bored Kids… not this year!

Winter Break and Bored Kids… not this year!

Isn’t it funny how you can hear a song many times, but never really pay attention to some of the words? That happened to me the other day. We were in the car listening to Christmas music when “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” came on. Perry Como sang “… and Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.” I died laughing. So, it turns out winter break has been an issue for parents for quite some time. H & L had no idea what I thought was so funny.

I am looking forward to my kids’ school breaks. We can get up and be a little lazy. No fights over brushing L’s hair, not saying”put your shoes on!” 15 y, no making school lunches or trying to remember all the forms/donations I’m supposed to send in. I can’t wait. The flip side… constant sibling squabbles, a really messy house, and bored kids who ask for a snack every 10 minutes. I don’t want to plan every minute of our Christmas break, but I know we are going to need some activities to look forward to and stave away the cabin fever. Below are some ideas I have for my own family.

George Ranch Historical Park
This 20,000 acre working ranch isn’t far from us, and there are four separate home sites you can tour. You can also see a blacksmith working, cowboys roping and sorting cattle, hands-on activities and costumed staff!

Discovery Green Ice Skating Rink
I love Discovery Green. I think Houston did such a great job with this park and really all the parks around the city. We have never taken advantage of the ice skating rink, but recently the kids have been asking about ice skating so I think this is the year we are going to try it out.

While we are downtown, we also plan to check out Loop, a new art installation, near the George R Brown Convention center. I don’t think I can accurately describe this, so just check out the link and plan to check it out for yourself!

Sugar Land Holiday Lights
There is something magical about Christmas Lights and in Sugar Land they have over 2.5 million lights set up at Constellation Field. This is definitely on our list to check out this year.

Kemah Boardwalk
While this may not be my most favorite item on the list, I know my kids would love the rides and being by the ocean. The Boardwalk has TONS of things to do in December (check out their events page), but we might go check it out after the first of the year.

Christmas Village at Buffalo Bayou

This looks amazing! My mom sent this information to me and I’m hoping we can find a night to take the kids!

Do you have any plans for Winter Break? I am excited that we are not traveling this year and can take advantage of the fun, exciting things to do around our city! I love Houston!

xoxo –

It’s That Time of Year… Holiday Card Shopping!

It’s That Time of Year… Holiday Card Shopping!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

I know, I know. It’s only mid-October. Purists are going to stop reading because I’m talking about Christmas too early, but hear me out! The last several years my husband’s family has done a Thanksmas… where we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. We did this mainly because we all lived in different states, but I started to really enjoy it because it forced me to get my Christmas shopping done early. This meant  I had a little breathing room in December to actually enjoy the holiday season. Or, you know, just be crazy with all the school parties, work parties and other activities without having to worry about getting all my shopping done.

This year, since I’m back in the Houston area, I am taking advantage of the Houston Holiday Shopping Card. The card, which you purchase for $75, benefits the American Cancer Society and gets you 20% off at various retailers for 11 days around town. You save money and you can help raise money for cancer research. A win win.

There are so many stores that participate that you should look them up, but I wanted to highlight a few that I’ll be stopping by over the next week and a half to make some gift purchases.

a bientot
I adore this place. The first time I walked in I was 2 days away from giving birth to H and couldn’t buy any clothes, but I did purchase a gold coin necklace I wear to this day. They have great gifts (I got my O key ring there) and even a little area for baby gifts.

I always find fun things to buy people here. Whether it’s a coffee mug, book, candle or clothes.

AG Jeans
OK, this is just for me. I love AG jeans and they aren’t cheap so if I can get 20% off of them I am!

I think Berings is like a high end Target. I always find myself wandering around there finding things to buy I didn’t know I needed! J came back recently going on and on about their new men’s store, so I’m going to have to go check it out!

This is for the guys in your life! I always buy J a little something outside his comfort zone to wear. Not too far or he just won’t wear it, but I’m sure I can find something here that will look great.

The Container Store
Y’all know about their fabulous selection of holiday wrapping paper, right? It is THE BEST! Plus, they have cute, quirky and useful stocking stuffers!

I need mums for my front porch! And maybe a few more pumpkins!

If you have a baby or mom to be on your gift list go check out Doodles in Rice Village. So many things for H’s nursery came from here.

Emerson Sloan
I have been wanting to check out this party goods store for a while and now I have the perfect opportunity since L’s birthday is just around the corner and I have the Holiday card to save 20%!

Hamilton Shirts
Another one for the guys! I’d love to get J a custom fitted shirt!

Itsy Bitsy Boutique
I usually buy my kids’ Christmas clothes in October so I’m taking advantage and saving a little money while I do. Also, L needs shoes in a bad way so going to scoop some up while I’m there, too. Did you see in my IG stories what we purchased yesterday! She is going to be so cute!

Kuhl – Linscomb
What can you not get a Kuhl Linscomb?! I already purchased some stocking stuffers for the kids, but I plan to go back when I can look around sans kids.

Lucchese Boots
Ok, this is just for me, too. I’m not really planning on buying a pair, but I want to go look! And if you need boots for rodeo season, why not get them now and save 20%?

My friends in Sugar Land keep rave to me about this gift shop, but I haven’t stopped by yet. They also have locations in Cypress and Bellaire.

We can’t forget about our furry friends! Our little dog, Maisie, is going to get her own personalized collar for Christmas!

Saint Lo
I’ve been wanting to check this Heights boutique out! Have you been yet?

Sur La Table
For the foodie or chef on your list!

Toys to Love I love this Toy Store! I’m getting some of L’s birthday presents here.

Tres Chic
This mother/daughter owned boutique was one of my favorite places to stop by when I lived in Houston years ago. I haven’t been back yet, but I plan to with my holiday card!

Here are some Sugar Land specific stores that are participating this year: Coach, Enchanted Forest, Escalante’s, Kendra Scott, Luggage & Leather, Magpies, Pottery Barn, Relax the Back, Sheri’s at Riverstone, Soft Surroundings, Sur la Table, Twenty Two Fifty Interiors and Gifts, Williams Sonoma.

Happy Shopping! Tomorrow… a menu plan for the week that is going to look a little different!





Kindness in Politics? I think it’s possible.

Kindness in Politics? I think it’s possible.

It’s October! I love October. It’s the start of such a fun time of the year for me. Not only do we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, but my dad’s, brother’s, daughter’s and mom’s birthday are during this time of year! Basically I am about to start a three-month long celebration.

It’s also heating up politically. The mid-term elections are around the corner. (Side note – are you registered to vote? If not, do it TODAY. No, really like TODAY! Here is a site you can find more information about your voter registration status).  I am, by nature, a non-confrontational person which makes politics a little hard for me to navigate. The only thing I don’t find hard to navigate is what to wear to the polls. I always wear red, white and blue. You should be patriotic on a day you get to have a say in your leaders!

For the first time since 2002 I put a political sticker on my car. This was a really big deal for me. I think this is an important election and I’m fired up about several issues. I mean, really fired up, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about what people would think about me when they saw the sticker on the back of my Pilot. I’m in a relatively new place, dropping my kids off at new schools, and we are continuing to try churches in the area. I kept thinking “What assumptions on these people going to make about me because of the sticker on my car? How dare they make assumptions about me! They don’t know me!” But then, I turned the question on myself. What assumptions am I making because someone has the opponent’s sticker on their car? And believe me, I was making a LOT of assumptions. Not nice ones either. Turns out I still need to remind myself of the golden rule “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Or maybe for this blog post it should be “don’t make assumptions about people you don’t want them making about you.” It’s a really great way to live life, isn’t it?

All of this to say, let’s be careful about making negative assumptions about the person that is sporting a Cruz sticker or a Beto sticker. It would be such an easier world if all circumstances were black and white, but sometimes they just aren’t. Politics is complicated. Everyone comes to the table with a different background, story, and belief structure than you do. Instead of automatically assuming they are bad, wrong, or immoral, maybe we should LISTEN to one another. Give each other space and grace to talk about these things without our assumptions clouding what they are saying knowing there are some issues on which we will not agree.  Also, remember that our kids are watching us. Yes, this may be politics, but they are taking their ques on how to treat people and how to talk about people from us all the time. Just be kind to one another. Even that person with a Cruz sticker on their car. Oh yeah, or Beto.

p.s. I’m making an assumption about how many friends and family get upset with me over this post. Ha! Kindness, y’all. Kindness.


Friday Finds: Mid-Life, H&M Dresses and Freezer Meals!

Friday Finds: Mid-Life, H&M Dresses and Freezer Meals!

This week I took advantage of just having H home on Monday and Wednesday. We tried to go to the movies (the movie didn’t work!) and did go to the Art Museum. Today, J and I are taking him to a water park for his “last day of summer.” Lazy summer mornings are nice, but I am so looking forward to getting into a routine when “big kid” school starts on Monday.

Below are my Friday Finds!

Mid-Life Wellness Tune-Up Guide
I really enjoyed this New York Times article about a mid-life wellness tune-up. Am I middle-aged? I guess so. That thought was a little depressing, but then I realized… “Wow, I, hopefully, have a lot of years ahead of me. Let’s make the most out of it.”  I really liked the part about creating a mid-life mission statement. It seemed cheesy when I first read it, but you’re only going to live the kind of life you want by being intentional so you might as well it down and get to living.

Liz & Honey Top
I love this top. I’m a sucker for ribbons and bows. Wear it with black jeans and look instantly put together.


H&M Dress
Remember, when I made my fall wardrobe list? I had something floral on there, and this H&M dress fits the bill! It’s under $30 and I can easily wear this through our Houston fall to church, PTO meetings, lunch, dinner… it’s a good buy!


Healthy Homemade Snacks & Breakfasts
Next week marks the beginning of the school year for H! I’m excited for him (and who’s kidding… me, too), but the only thing I don’t love is that he has lunch at 10:30! That’s so early! He does have a snack later in the day though. Since it’s the beginning of the year and I think I can be super mom I plan on making his snack so he has something nutritious and filling. I’m making  Hidden Veggie Muffins and Homemade Granola Bars from the cookbook Against All Grain. I’ll probably throw a cheese stick in there, too. Ask me what I’m sending for his snack in April and my answer might be a bag of baked Cheetos. But hey… beginning of the school year mom is on top of it. I am also planning on making these scrambled egg muffins with cheese and bacon for a filling, fast breakfast. We are going to be struggling on Monday morning to get to school by 7:30!

Freezer Meals.
I am going to post my menu plan for the week tomorrow, but this weekend I’m also going to be making some freezer meals. These are the two recipes I’m making:
Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken and One Pan Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake. I’ve made the grilled cilantro lime chicken before, but the pasta bake will be new for me. I’m going to have to double the pasta bake since J likes to take leftovers for lunch.  It’s nice to have a couple of freezer meals on hand for when life gets busy or you don’t feel like cooking.

Just a reminder that the Theater District’s Open House is on Sunday. You should check it out if you are free!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday Finds! I don’t feel like I found much this week, so I may be digging pretty far back to share some “old,” but good, stuff I’ve found in the past.

The Skimm – I love to read the news. I actually wrote for my college paper for a while. I read The Washington Post and The New York Times mostly, but for mornings when I’m rushed I love The Skimm. They email me highlights of the biggest (and not so big) news stories straight to my inbox. This is my code if you to check it out. I’ve been reading it for about 2 1/2 years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Emily Ley Planner – I’ve used this planner for going on four years now. It’s a paper and pen planner that I leave on my desk. It makes me feel like I have it together when I sit down at the beginning of each week and look at what we are doing. Ha, if only I could carry that feeling throughout the week. One thing I particularly love is that at the end of each week there is a space for a “happy memory.” I have found that these planners are almost like diaries or mini-histories of my family life and to have these happy memories sprinkled in is such a treat! Anyway, I think they make great gifts, too! It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday presents. Orders for the 2019 planner go on sale September 5. If you spend over $100 you get free shipping. So get one for yourself and one for your organized friend. Or not so organized friend.

J Crew Factory Short Sleeve Popover Shirt – I want this shirt. I think I would get so much use out of it! It’s just an easy-to-wear everyday shirt. And it’s under $30! I’d wear it with my burnt orange jeans for game day, wear it with my regular jeans… every other day of the week! Ha! I’m a sucker for a white shirt and it would be a great addition to your wardrobe considering our Houston “fall.” You can throw your denim or moto jacket over it on those cool mornings. I’m looking forward to that first cool morning… any bets on when it happens?

Hamilton Mixtape – Ok, those of you who really know me know that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Hamilton.  The musical, the book – all of it. My children are obsessed, too. Seriously, I can sing every word from the beginning to the end. The Mixtape isn’t new, but I’ve recently started listening to it again. I’m just blown away by how talented these musicians are. You might not want to listen to it with your kids in the car though. It’s not too bad, but when it is…. it is. It’ll be on my Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30-2:30 rotation when both kids are in school.

And here’s a photo since I don’t have any in this post! H went to another golf camp this week. He is really enjoying it. Isn’t it fun to watch your kids find the activities they like to do? Plus, he just looks really cute with that golf bag on!


We are taking advantage of Houston Restaurant Week (month?) tonight! Houston has amazing restaurants and I love that we can try them out at a pre-fixed price while helping the Houston Food Bank, too. What are you doing this weekend?




Friday Finds

Friday Finds

I meant to write another blog post this week, but the kids and I went to Leander to spend time with my good friend and her kids. Aren’t they cute?



Also, I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t hit my groove with the blog yet. The kids haven’t started school and we have been in and out of town. Plus, L is still getting up before 6 and that’s when I plan to write so finding uninterrupted time this past week has been difficult.

I have a lot of things I want to share with y’all (how many readers are there now? Five? Ha!). L starts pre-school on Wednesday so next week should be a little more consistent. Step 3 of your Fall Wardrobe will be posted tomorrow. I have a Back to School post and a reader question regarding trends I’ll be posting soon. So, all five of you stick with me! I’ll hit my groove eventually. Until then… here are my Friday Finds!

Burnt Orange Jeans – I’ve had a pair of these for the past 3 years. They are great! And a bonus – this color is everywhere this fall so I won’t just be wearing them on game days!

Lavash Flatbread Pizzas – This pizza is delicious. I also like that we can make dinner a fun family event. The kids pick out their toppings and “decorate” their pizza. Each pizza only takes five minutes in the oven! The kids begged to have the “thin pizza” the next day for lunch. Have you noticed my formula for what I consider a great recipe? Delicious, easy, and healthy!

The O-Venture Key Ring – Ok, this isn’t really a new find as I’ve had mine for a year and a half, but as I’ve been traveling with the kids I keep thinking how I’m glad I have this key ring. How many times has a mom thought to herself – I wish I had another hand! Well, the O key ring gives you one of your hands back! I love mine. And I think they make great gifts for girlfriends or teachers.

Theater District Open House – One of the reasons I love Houston so much is the abundance of arts you can find in the city. Did you know Houston is one of only five cities in the U.S. that have permanent and professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines? I feel fortunate that my parents took me as a young child to the Houston Ballet, Alley Theater and other performing arts around the city. The Theater District Open House, held on Sunday, August 26, is a chance for you to check out all of what the Theater District has to offer for – for free! I’ll be at the Houston Ballet from 2-5 so come check it out and say hi!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo –







Moving is hard.

Moving is hard.

Moving is hard. There’s no way around it. It just is. You take your world, put it in a box, move it to a new house and try to figure out how your life is going to fit in this new space. Add small children on top of that…and well, it’s even harder.

I knew this move back to Texas was going to be challenging. We had lived in Mandeville for five years. Hudson was 15-months old when we moved there. Lucy was hope and a dream. In some ways, Mandeville was so easy for us. Everything, including J’s job, was 10-15 minutes away. You saw someone you knew everywhere you went. People knew your children. The cashiers at the Whole Foods had a nickname for me. Then we moved to Texas and everything became hard.

Truth be told, I am having a difficult time reconciling why this move is as hard as it is.  This is what I wanted for years… to be back in Texas. I begged to be back in Texas. I wanted to come “home.” And now I’m here and I’m struggling. Nothing is easy right now. I don’t know where the nearest gas station is. J’s commute is almost an hour home everyday. I don’t have a pediatrician for the kids. My prescription is out and I need to see a doctor before they will refill it. We all need haircuts, but I’m not sure where to go. One lady I called about trimming L’s hair doesn’t have availability until September. It’s July. I’m living in a house I spent 15 minutes in before deciding to buy it and I’m desperately trying to make it feel like home. Our house in Mandeville is still for sale (seriously, anyone looking to buy in Mandeville? Anyone?) and the money I thought I was going to have to get a new rug, bedroom furniture, and TV is tied up in that house. Not to mention, we are paying for two houses. In case you haven’t caught on, we are not on a two-home family income. On top of all that, my two kids are sick of playing with only each other which leads to fights that I am tired of breaking up. All I want to do is get the house in order, but it’s summer and getting any kind of job done without being interrupted is nearly impossible. I’m spiraling. You see it, too, right?

Last week, I took a step back and thought “I’ve done this before. I moved to a new place and created a life there. I can do it again. What did I do in those early days when I didn’t know anyone?”

1. Find People. When I moved to Mandeville I joined a meet-up for moms. It was a playgroup. It saved me. I didn’t become best friends with all the moms in that group, but I’m so thankful for each one of them! I did make some life-long friendships from that group, but in the early days I was just happy I had somewhere to go and something to do. Now that my kids are a bit older, I wasn’t sure a playgroup would be the best fit, but our neighborhood does have a Facebook page. I posted about H meeting up with other first-grade boys and last Friday we met up with moms and kids at a pool and a park! Social media does have benefits! You have to take the initiative to find people. People aren’t going to come looking for a new family in the neighborhood they don’t know about. For those of us who are a little self-conscious this can be a little unnerving, but push through the uncomfortable. It’s worth it.

2. Take care of yourself. It’s cliché, but true – you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. I’m not sure how your self-care takes shape. For me, it’s going to the gym. Working out burns off my nervous energy and let’s be real… two hours of free childcare. I also like to read. I get so engrossed in whatever book I’m reading that I forget about the stresses of life for thirty minutes. It’s like a break from the real world. I come back refreshed. What’s your self-care?

3. Be patient. This is the hardest one for me. Be patient in meeting people and finding your community. Be patient in getting your house unpacked and decorated. Be patient when your kids are terrors because they are having a hard time, too. Be patient when you get asked for the 756th time if you are settling in OK and all you want to do is say “Nope. I’m not.” Be patient when you are learning your area. Be patient with yourself. Be patient when your house isn’t selling in Louisiana. Ok, that was just for me.

4. Routine. Kids like routine. So do I. I just function better on a routine. I wish I was a little more “go with the flow,” but I’m not. Routine is hard in the summer anyway and it’s been even harder for us in new town and new house. We have four weeks of summer left before H starts school and I’m going to try to find the balance of routine vs. enjoy the last days of summer. I do know that we all need a little more structure to our days so I’m working on that.

I obviously don’t have all the answers regarding moving and how to make it easier. Everyone’s situation is different. Every move is different. These are just some my takeaways you might find helpful if you have recently moved or about to move. I have every confidence that Sugar Land and Greatwood will become as dear to us as Mandeville. That is one reason why we chose to live here. But, it takes time. And a whole lot of patience.

And now, I’m off to the gym…




Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Good morning! Below are mish-mash of things I’ve found this week I thought were worth sharing! Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend!

Creme de la Crumb Slow Cooker Jambalaya – Maybe we are missing Louisiana, but this recipe was a huge hit at my house! Everyone asked for seconds – even the picky red-head. It was super easy and made a ton. It’s going on my list for easy meals to make when company is over. (I entered this in to MyFitnessPal so let me know if you need the nutritional information).

The Balm Creamy Lip Stain – I LOVE  this lipstick! It’s a lip stain, but goes on glossy. My issues with lip stains in the past is that they look so dried out. This one does not. I purchased the color “hola” and I think it’s the perfect pink to wear the rest of the summer. I have my eye on “aloha” or “namaste” for the fall.

Something in the Water” – My fun summer read. it’s already been #1 on the NYT Bestsellers so chances are you may have read it! If you liked psychological thrillers then you’ll love this book. Interesting to note – the author had a minor role in Downton Abbey. Talented woman!

Funny Doormat – I just purchased this doormat for our new house. I’m sure it will get some eye-rolls, but it cracks me up. And shouldn’t you be smiling and laughing when you walk in your front door? Salt-N-Pepa will never go out of style!

doormat – Do y’all have that friend who if you don’t call ahead of time you will show up to the same event in basically the same outfit? That’s my friend, Erica. Our style is just similar enough that we could end up looking like twins on a girl’s night out, but just different enough to be uniquely ours. (Truth be told, she’s a little edgier than I am. I have a hard time pulling off edgy.) Anyway, a few weeks ago she asked me if I liked vicidolls on IG. I didn’t know what she was talking about so I quickly jumped on and saw their feed. I liked some of it, didn’t like some of it, but I wanted a new maxi and they seemed to have a good variety at a good price point. I purchased the dress you see below. I would say their sizes run a little large so size down. Isn’t my friend, Jessa, beautiful? She graciously agreed to model this dress for me. jessa.jpg

They also have pre-orders. I have my eye on this convertible back-pack  which is so perfect for a busy mom who needs her hands! The olive color is great for fall, too.


We are headed to our first Sugar Land Skeeters game this weekend and hopefully meeting up with some Greatwood families so we can start making some connections! What are your weekend plans?