Friday Finds – Manic May

This week was the calm before the storm. I’ve heard the stories and seen the memes about May for moms, but wow… this is the first year I’ve fully experienced it. I know that it will only get busier as my kids get older. Next week we have swim practice every day, dance class, dance photos and dress rehearsal, Cub Scouts Crossing Over Ceremony, a practice swim meet, family coming in from out of town topped off with a dance recital. Phew! I know I’m not special when it comes to this manic May scheduling, but I do think I have issues managing it all with grace which brings me to my first Friday find.

  1. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Neiquist – Full disclaimer. I haven’t read this whole book yet. In fact, I was just introduced to Wednesday night, but I started today and it’s exactly what I need to read now. I admit I often aim for perfection over being present with those I’m with. I’m sure a therapy session or two would help me understand what I’m trying to accomplish with all the striving and aiming for perfection, but it’s a busy week so… therapy will wait and I’ll read this book instead. This next week is a big week for my 7 and 4 year olds. I don’t want them looking back at their scout crossing over ceremony or their dance recital and remember me being stressed out and snappy. I want them to remember me beaming at them from the audience fully immersed in their moment. I don’t have any illusions that reading this book in the next day or two will magically change how I approach life, but I am hoping to gain a few ideas to help me next week. And then maybe I’ll get around to scheduling that therapy session.

2. A Bogg Bag
I was at swim practice and another mom had the coolest pool/beach bag. It’s the Bogg bag. It doesn’t tip over; it wipes down easily and comes with a little insert to keep your phone and other personal items dry. I ordered one in anticipation of our many pool days this summer and our August beach trip.

3. Trish McEvoy Make Up Brush.
I have never really been “in” to beauty. Most of my dollars are going straight to clothing. I have never watched a YouTube video on how to apply make up and I have only two lipstick colors I wear regularly. However, lately I’ve been paying slightly more attention to make up and skin care. This brush makes applying eye shadow SO easy. I did have a make up lesson a little over a year ago and I remember the make up artist stressing the importance of brushes. In my opinion, this one should be your first brush purchase.

4. J Crew Sale
Ugh. It was so hard for me to even look at this site since I’m in the middle of my shopping fast. There are so many cute things for summer. Currently, sale items are 50% off and today they have 35% off full priced items! IF I were shopping, I’d snag this dress at 35% off. I love the colors and it looks so comfortable! Perfect for a beach vacation!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are pretty busy, but are armed with our bug spray for the grad parties, pool parties, girl parties and everything in between!

take care of yourself!

Athleta Sale

How are the new year’s resolutions coming along? I’m 10 days in and so far I’ve been doing pretty well! Remember the goal: Progress, not perfection!

On the professional side, I’ve been much more disciplined in working from home, logging my hours and pre-planning the blog. On the physical side of things, I’m back to tracking my food, exercise and water intake in MyFitnessPal. I also received my first results from the dietary testing I did at the end of last year. Once I meet with the nutritionist I’ll share my results! I want to make sure I’m speaking (typing?) about them correctly. On the financial side, any purchases I’ve made have been thoughtful, not impulse purchases. Today, I went to Athleta (I had a gift card) because they are having a sale! Below are my favorite sale pieces and 2 full-priced items I couldn’t pass up!

I loved this criss cross sweatshirt! It’s lightweight and perfect for throwing over my workout tank when I have to run errands after I work out. So, like – everyday.

My friend, Erica, loves the All In Capris. They aren’t my favorite only because of where the pockets hit on my leg (it’s a hangup of mine), but these navy leggings are under $40! If you like compression tights, you should grab these!
My personal favorite Athleta legging is the Contender. These white leggings are under $50!

So, of course, I still had to check out the new arrivals while I was there. (Psst… Athleta, can we get a store in Sugar Land? Thanks.) I really loved these navy Contender leggings. I can wear white, gray, pink or really any color tank with them to work out. Plus, they’re dark, but they aren’t black. It was an easy purchase.

BUT… I already have a white, gray and pink tank! But guess what color I don’t have? GREEN! How fun is this bright tank top below? I love green and navy together. Y’all should really check out Athleta’s new stuff because there are so many bright colors. Perfect to get you amped up about your next workout and make headway on your goals!

Remember you can shop these looks, by clicking on the images to the right or by following me on the app! If you have any questions about that app, let me know! I love it!

I hope your first full week back to your routine has been great!

Progress, not Perfection: First Quarter Goals

I mentioned in my last post that I’m making quarterly goals/resolutions this year. A full year’s resolution hasn’t worked for me in the past, and if something isn’t working you should try something new. Below is a little about each of my goals and how it will affect State of Sarah.

J and I have some big financial goals we are aiming for this year. We have broken them down into quarterly goals and it feels so much more attainable. Because of my family’s financial goals, I am going to have to be more thoughtful about the purchases I make – especially clothing purchases. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I really love clothes. And I really love nice clothes. But I am a mom who works part-time and to pretend I’m not a budget would be disingenuous. I can’t have it all and I need to make choices. With that in mind, I won’t be buying a lot of clothes the month of January, with the exception of using my Athleta gift card! I have plenty of new stuff from Christmas and my birthday that can tide me over. What does this mean for State of Sarah? How am I going to show you all the fun stuff in stores? I’m starting a series called Dressing Room Diaries. I’ll pick a store, go try stuff on, take photos in the terrible lighting, and then let you know what I eventually decided to buy, if anything. Dressing Room Diaries will be a heading soon on the blog. Stay tuned!

Isn’t this where most of us land when making resolutions? I know I do! Have they worked in the past? Sometimes, but those resolutions have also not worked enough that I’m trying something different. I am attempting to feel good from the inside out. This fall I met with a GI doctor because for years, YEARS, I have had stomach discomfort and pain. I had a CT Scan which led to a colonoscopy. They couldn’t determine what was causing my pain, but I’m so thankful for that procedure because they found poylps! In case you were wondering the risk factors for having polyps are: 50 years or older; Overweight; have Type 2 Diabetes or are a smoker. I don’t fit any of these demographics. I will now have a colonoscopy every five years and my children will need to start getting them at age 40 instead of 50. All of this to say, if something is bothering you, go get it checked out. While it’s true the GI Doctor didn’t find the cause of my discomfort, I’m thankful I started looking in to why I wasn’t feeling great that led to the discovery of these polyps. Can you imagine if I had waited 12 years to get my first colonoscopy?

Wow. I got sidetracked. So, since the GI doctor couldn’t figure out why I was having tummy troubles someone suggested I look for nutrition advice. I found Nicole, with Chews Food Wisely. She’s a functional dietitian. I’ve met with her once and will continue to meet with her. We are testing for food intolerances and also checking the bacteria levels in my gut. From there Nicole will work with me on how to eat properly for my body. I am so anxious to start feeling better from the inside out! What does this mean for State of Sarah? I am updating my headings to include a Nutrition/Food tab. All my posts that pertain to my journey with Nicole, recipes I find along the way, and tips I learn or find about how to eat better will live there.

And of course, I am taking up a physical challenge. In November, I joined Orange Theory Sugar Land. I’m obsessed. I walk in; don’t have to think about what I’m doing that day, have a killer workout, and an hour later I’m out the door and on with my day. They are doing a Transformation Challenge and I just signed up. It’s from January – March which is perfect for my quarterly mindset this year. I’d love to win the cash prize (hello, spring clothes), but I’m really doing it for the accountability.

When I was in elementary school I distinctly remember once report card coming home. On the back, where the teacher writes comments, she said that I was a great student, had wonderful behavior, but that I had no organizational skills. It’s true. I could easily be one of the most disorganized people you know. I have to work hard (really really hard!) to have any semblance of organization. I sometimes think that I use what little organizational skills I have to keep “the trains running” in my family and let’s be real, those trains aren’t always on time. I use all that energy and when it comes to my professional life – my part-time job and my blog – everything is reactionary. And, if I’m honest, this little blog falls down the list of priorities pretty quickly when the “to-do” list gets long. I don’t like that so I’m making small changes. What does this mean for State of Sarah? I will pre-plan more of my blog and my work schedule so that I’m more consistent with both. I also have some specific layout and design changes to State of Sarah that will happen before the end of March.

I’m going to revisit these resolutions in March and give an honest assessment of how I’m doing. Will I be perfect? No way! But the goal is progress, not perfection!

What are you making progress towards the first few months of 2019?

take care of yourself and each other!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas… in my closet!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas… in my closet!

I  love December! The lights, the music, the joy, the bubby that is at every party (that might have something to do with all the joy) and… the clothes! Ha! Really though, it’s a full month of holiday wear and it can be like a little daunting. No fear, I pulled some holiday-inspired clothes from my own closet to help you out. Most of these items I already owned, but a few are new pieces. I linked similar items to the clothes I purchased in previous years so you can buy the look now.

Psst…check out the sidebar. Now you can shop my looks straight from the blog! Also, you can follow me on the app. Remember though… shop your closet first!


This may not scream holiday, but I love the colors and it has some metallic thread that goes through it which makes it more festive. Vests for our southern fall/winter are perfect and while this is one I found last year (you ready for this… at Sams. Yes, the wholesale club!), I linked another one that would work. Ideally I would have worn this to go get our Christmas tree. Instead, I never changed after my workout and wore lululemon leggings and a white tee shirt!


Anthropologie has my number. I’d pretty much buy anything in that store. I went in for this gorgeous Christmas plaid skirt, but it didn’t look quite right on me. I tried this snow flurry skirt on and loved it! Paired it with a red sweater (it is SO soft) and voila… looked like I was out of an 50’s holiday movie. Ok, maybe not, but I wore it the Nutcracker and may pull it out for some parties later in the season. I can see wearing this skirt all winter. with a white top. And the red sweater will make a repeat appearance in this post.


Well, here it is again! I bought these velvet pants from Loft last year. I’ve linked similar ones they currently have in stock. How easy and classic is this outfit? I’m totally wearing this to one of my kid’s school parties. Here’s a tip when you wear red… if you are wearing red lipstick it needs to match exactly. If it doesn’t, opt for a pinky nude color. I learned this from Lauren at About Face in Mandeville. Miss that place!


There was a time when I thought I would die before I wore faux leather leggings. Ha! Well, this is my second year owning these Spanx leather leggings and I adore them. I love pairing them with a pretty blouse for either a holiday happy hour or dinner. This banana republic shirt is from last year, but I linked one I had my eye on at Anthropologie. Pardon my door in the shot… I’m trying to get better at this!


Christmas Plaid is my jam. I have Christmas plaid place mats, Christmas plaid ribbon for our tree and a Christmas plaid blouse! I bought this top from Madewell last year, but there is TONS of Christmas plaid out there this season. I’ve linked a few of my favorites! And… my velvet pants. These are going to show up a lot.


Did you think I was going to forget about my cropped Paige denim in the winter? No way! And look – more Christmas plaid! I bought this shirt several years ago from J Crew (remember y’all… shop your closet first!), and I still wear it. It’s flannel and so comfy. At some point we will take the kids to the Holiday Lights at Constellation Field and I plan on throwing this on to wear assuming it isn’t 80 degrees outside!


A sequined bomber. This is one my most favorite things I purchased when I worked at a darling boutique in Mandeville. Here I have paired with my black flares and some glitzy shoes, but it would just as cute with some skinny jeans and tennis shoes for a casual NYE celebration! I’ve linked a beautiful sequined blazer from Nordstrom so you can get the same look.


Ok. Now this is one of my all-time favorite tops! It’s Crosby by Mollie Burch. If you haven’t checked out this line, you should. It’s pricey, but for a few statement pieces, I think it’s worth it. There is something about a pretty black top. I’ve worn this top more times than I can count in the past year. For the holidays I paired it with my velvet pants, glitzy shoes and some shiny earrings. Also, funny story, every time I wear all black I think of Tiffany at We Five Kings (are you following her? you should!). She posted a funny meme about how she doesn’t usually wear all black so every time I do I think of her!


You didn’t think I’d leave this post without styling my favorite white tee for the holidays, did you? Really though this is all about the velvet blazer! I bought this last year at Nordstrom (linked a similar one!) and I wore it over my cocktail dresses to holiday parties and over white tees for a girls night out!

So, maybe you don’t have ALL of this in your closet, and you aren’t about to go spend a ton for an entire holiday wardrobe so what should you get? I’d vote for the velvet pants or velvet blazer. Both of these items can be worn in a casual or dressy setting and you can find both at a decent price point. If you are really feeling it also maybe get a Christmas plaid shirt. You’ll wear it year after year!

Next post… the two cocktail dresses I’ll be wearing to all my holiday parties!

Have a holly jolly day friends!


p.s. Do you like the OFF can on my front porch in the first picture? ha! It’s obvious we live in Texas!


Lesson Learned: Don’t wait on Nordstrom Collaborations!

Lesson Learned: Don’t wait on Nordstrom Collaborations!

Well, I should have known better. I waited until after the kids were in bed before hammering out this blog post and my favorite sweater and skirt from Halogen x Atlantic Pacific collaboration are sold out. I’m so bummed. Not that I’m entirely sure where I’m wearing a black maxi tulle skirt, but man… it was so cute!

If you don’t know Atlantic Pacific, you should. It’s Blair Eadie’s fashion blog. She blogged before almost anyone else and she is a major influencer. Her style is self-described as east coast meets west coast. It’s very feminine, a little whimsical and totally fun. In my alternate reality – the one where I moved to New York, stay single and work in publishing – I would dress like Blair Eadie every day and traipse around New York in bows and heels. But I live in Sugar Land and really have no need for a black maxi tulle skirt (I can’t stop thinking about it!). I did find a few pieces that caught my eye that I think “every day” people could wear. I’ll keep my eye out for my favorite sweater. I can’t believe I missed it!!


Classic Pump. With a bow! I love bows!


More bows! I love dressy jackets!

Lavender Gloves, because why just wear black ones?

I can’t justify this purchase, but it’s a PINK TULLE SKIRT! It’s basically me as a skirt!

Great black pants!

I love faux wrap tops! And this print is a lot of fun!

A black strappy shoe should be in every closet, don’t you think?


I really do love this collection! All of it. I would buy every piece if I could!

So, lesson learned: don’t take your time to shop these collaborations! I’ll be a little more on top of it next collection!

xoxo –


What to Wear Wednesday: Navy

Yikes! It’s been a while since a blog post! I am still getting in my groove with the start of school, extracurriculars for the kids, and a new part time job for me. That’s right… there was no Friday Finds this week because I found a job! Side note: Friday Finds will be back this week!

I’m helping out the business development team at Rockland Insurance part time and so far, I love it! Great people, fun work, and I do most of my work from home which is great because I’m a busy mom. In my new role, I had to pick out a couple of shirts if and when I represent Rockland. I ordered a shirt in navy. A fellow Rockland employee, we will call her Tangie, mentioned that she always thought about ordering a navy shirt, but she wasn’t quite sure what to wear navy with, which spurred on this What to Wear Wednesday post.

I think of navy as a neutral. You can wear it with almost anything! Here are just a few of the combinations I quickly threw together using clothes already in my closet. Key word – quickly! Like in 15 minutes. At 7:30 pm. The light was gone so I took these on the floor in L’s room! I’m working on the photos. They’re going to get there, guys. Just keep hanging with me!


A few combos I would have liked to include, but didn’t have are navy and gray; navy and animal print; navy and a floral print! I am on a search for new gray jeans. Any recs? What’s your favorite way to wear navy?

All the jewelry featured in today’s post is Virtue Jewelry – my favorite line! Their web site just launced – and you can use SOS20 to get 20% off your purchase. Do it! You won’t regret it!

And Tangie… order a navy shirt!

Want to Dress like Fall While it Still Feels Like Summer?

Want to Dress like Fall While it Still Feels Like Summer?

“September days are here with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson

September is such a weird month for those of us in Houston. Summer is over. School is back in session. Fall Festivals, Halloween, and Oktoberfest are around the corner, but it can still feel like over 100 degrees with the heat index. People seem split on whether to embrace fall in September or to wait. I see some people on Instagram drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte everyday and breaking out their fall decor. Others hold on to the last bit of summer for as long as they can. Me? I’m kind of in the middle. I put up my fall wreath yesterday, but am holding of on ingesting anything pumpkin until later in the month.

So what about clothes? How do you dress in September – especially if you are already toting around your PSL – but are sweating from door to door? My suggestions are finding fall colors and in “summer” silhouettes or fabrics. I look for warm autumn tones in sleeveless or short sleeve tops. When it gets cooler (like October) I’ll throw my moto jacket over it and get more wear out of it. I also look for dresses that are lightweight fabric. Below are some recent finds that I wanted to share and some older things from my closet that may give you ideas of how to put together items you may already have in your own closet.

This top from 1.State fits the bill. It is sleeveless and loose-fitting so it keeps you cool, but I love that the colors are burnt orange and deep purples. I paired it with my distressed cropped jeans (I really am liking Level 99 jeans lately) and my white mules. And I can’t forget my Virtue Jewelry bracelets I wear every day. No lie. Really I wear them every day.

1.state top.jpg
Top – 1.State Jeans – Level 99 Shoes – Marc Fisher Bracelets – Virtue Jewelry

This fabric on this H&M dress is so pretty! I’m wearing this with my white mules (again). The dress is light, too, so it is easy to wear now and when it’s cooler I’ll pair it with tall boots. It’s also the cheapest item on this list at $25!

Dress – H&M Shoes – Marc Fisher

This outfit I pulled together from my own closet. The top is a Banana Republic find from earlier in the summer and these are my burnt orange jeans I’ve had for three years. Hey, burnt orange isn’t just for game day anymore! And I’m wearing these acrylic tortoise Virtue earrings a lot while I’m transitioning my wardrobe. They go with everything!

Similar Jean (I’m LOVING these!): J Brand Similar Top: 1.State Similar Shoes: Marc Fisher

Are you an early adopter of fall fashion and decor or do you wait until it actually feels like fall? Either way – Happy September!




Rainy Labor Day and 40% Off at Banana Republic

Rainy Labor Day and 40% Off at Banana Republic

Well, we aren’t spending the last day of summer in the sunshine or water. We are predicted to have thunderstorms all day. Sometimes I love thunderstorm days. It forces us to stay inside and be a little lazy. Well, if I’m honest I love one thunderstorm day. Anything beyond that and I get cabin fever. I won’t be out shopping today. We are headed home from the lake and I have laundry to do and lunches to pack to get ready for tomorrow, but I did find a good online sale!

My favorite “chain” store to shop at is Banana Republic. When I worked full-time in an office setting I wore BR almost every day. Their clothes are pretty classic so I  wear them multiple years. It’s a great place to get basic pieces and they always have good sales. Today, EVERYTHING is 40% off! Here are my top picks from their sale.

Camel Sweater – I love the color camel! This is a great basic piece to have in your closet this fall, but if camel isn’t your thing, they have LOTS of different colors.

Cashmere Sweater – Washable Cashmere?! Sign me up! This top is perfect for our Houston “fall.”

Maxi Dress – I have no idea where I’d wear this dress. I just like it!

Utility Shirt – I see wearing this with jeans to PTO meetings or a nicer lunch or church with slacks. I’ll probably jazz it up with some fun earrings. I’d also suggest getting the olive green color although blue is pretty classic. Get both! They are 40% off!

Black Pants – The weather during Holiday party season in Texas can either be 70 degrees or 28 degrees! Last year, I was FREEZING when we went to J’s holiday party and I thought, I wish I had pants to wear. These are those pants. Pair these pants with a silky top and some glittery earrings for those cold holiday parties.

Tulle Midi Skirt – I’ve always wanted a tulle skirt. Maybe it’s the wannabe ballerina in me. Maybe I’ve watched too much Sex and the City, but here it is… a tulle skirt!

Earrings – I love this pop of green!

Heart Sweater – What a fun whimsical sweater! I’m wearing this with black jeans and my white mules!


Sleeveless Hi/lo Turtleneck – The PERFECT layering top!

Enjoy your day off!


Menu Planning Week 2: Back to School and Birthday Dinners!

Menu Planning Week 2: Back to School and Birthday Dinners!

Another week, another menu! Same picture. I’ll get a new one by next week!

Saturday: Lavash Flatbread Pizza
I’ve posted this recipe before, but we are having family movie night and these are perfect for it! Kids love making their own pizzas and I can stay on track with my nutrition goals. I’ll pile mine up with lots of veggies, and the kids (and J) will load up some pepperoni.

Sunday: Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries
I mentioned I like to keep Sunday easy. If I was an overachiever I’d make my own sweet potato fries, but I’ll buy the Alexia ones and call it a night. Also, these are my favorite turkey burgers to make because they don’t dry out and my kids are eating zucchini without realizing it.

Monday: Turkey Meatball Tortellini Soup
I know what you’re thinking… soup in August? This is my son’s favorite meal. He LOVES it. On special occasions I’ll ask him what he wants for dinner and he always replies with this meal. Monday is his first day of first grade at a new school and he got to choose the meal for this day. So, soup in August!

Tuesday: Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Apples
I found this recipe when we were doing the Whole30. It makes a TON and everyone enjoys it. It’s a sheet pan meal so it’s easy. I dig easy.

Wednesday: Filet Mignon For Two / Cauliflower Mash / Salad / Carrot Cake
J got to pick out the meal tonight since it’s his birthday! I’ll be honest, I’m not serving the kids filet mignon! Ha… they will most likely have chicken nuggets and be fine with that. We really enjoy this cauliflower mash instead of potatoes. It’s just GOOD. And I haven’t made this carrot cake before, but I’ll let y’all know how it is. I like that it is not huge. There are just four of us so we don’t need a ton of cake to celebrate.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Broccoli and Beef
This is an easy slow cooker recipe because there is no prep before hand.You just put it in the crock pot and leave. My favorite kind of slow cooker recipes! I’ll probably make some brown rice with this as well.

Friday: Headed to the Lake for Labor Day Weekend

I just realized this is a really heavy meat menu. I usually try to include a couple of vegetarian meals in our week, but that didn’t happen this week! I’ll be more balanced next week!

Happy Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping/Cooking!


Friday Finds: Mid-Life, H&M Dresses and Freezer Meals!

Friday Finds: Mid-Life, H&M Dresses and Freezer Meals!

This week I took advantage of just having H home on Monday and Wednesday. We tried to go to the movies (the movie didn’t work!) and did go to the Art Museum. Today, J and I are taking him to a water park for his “last day of summer.” Lazy summer mornings are nice, but I am so looking forward to getting into a routine when “big kid” school starts on Monday.

Below are my Friday Finds!

Mid-Life Wellness Tune-Up Guide
I really enjoyed this New York Times article about a mid-life wellness tune-up. Am I middle-aged? I guess so. That thought was a little depressing, but then I realized… “Wow, I, hopefully, have a lot of years ahead of me. Let’s make the most out of it.”  I really liked the part about creating a mid-life mission statement. It seemed cheesy when I first read it, but you’re only going to live the kind of life you want by being intentional so you might as well it down and get to living.

Liz & Honey Top
I love this top. I’m a sucker for ribbons and bows. Wear it with black jeans and look instantly put together.


H&M Dress
Remember, when I made my fall wardrobe list? I had something floral on there, and this H&M dress fits the bill! It’s under $30 and I can easily wear this through our Houston fall to church, PTO meetings, lunch, dinner… it’s a good buy!


Healthy Homemade Snacks & Breakfasts
Next week marks the beginning of the school year for H! I’m excited for him (and who’s kidding… me, too), but the only thing I don’t love is that he has lunch at 10:30! That’s so early! He does have a snack later in the day though. Since it’s the beginning of the year and I think I can be super mom I plan on making his snack so he has something nutritious and filling. I’m making  Hidden Veggie Muffins and Homemade Granola Bars from the cookbook Against All Grain. I’ll probably throw a cheese stick in there, too. Ask me what I’m sending for his snack in April and my answer might be a bag of baked Cheetos. But hey… beginning of the school year mom is on top of it. I am also planning on making these scrambled egg muffins with cheese and bacon for a filling, fast breakfast. We are going to be struggling on Monday morning to get to school by 7:30!

Freezer Meals.
I am going to post my menu plan for the week tomorrow, but this weekend I’m also going to be making some freezer meals. These are the two recipes I’m making:
Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken and One Pan Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake. I’ve made the grilled cilantro lime chicken before, but the pasta bake will be new for me. I’m going to have to double the pasta bake since J likes to take leftovers for lunch.  It’s nice to have a couple of freezer meals on hand for when life gets busy or you don’t feel like cooking.

Just a reminder that the Theater District’s Open House is on Sunday. You should check it out if you are free!

Have a wonderful weekend!