Hi! I’m Sarah of State of Sarah. I’m a married mid-thirties suburban mom to two kids – H, my son who is eight and L, my daughter who is five. My love for all things Texas runs deep, although I would move to NYC in thirty seconds flat if the opportunity presented itself.

I believe Dolly Parton is the wisest woman in the world. I am a social introvert who enjoys hosting parties, but can quickly over schedule myself and feel overwhelmed. If I’m in a bad mood busting a few moves to some early 2000s hip hop instantly makes me feel better. I secretly (or not so secretly) have always wanted to be a back-up dancer in a music video. I can sing the entire Hamilton album except for one verse in “Guns and Ships” because they rap too fast. I’m still working on that part!

I am a Christian, but I’m grieved by what “American Christianity” has become.

I’ve been known to jump on couches and scream at the TV when the Longhorns are playing football.

Parenting makes me feel like I’m getting it wrong all the time, but there are moments where I see my children’s kindness shine through and I think I’m not completely failing.

I’m a terrible housewife which has been interesting given I’ve been at stay at home mom the past seven years.

I love working out. I also love eating good food. My last meal would be a really good steak and French fries. Shopping is my downfall. I don’t think clothes make the person, but I think clothes can give you confidence to put your best foot forward. My two favorite outfits to wear are jeans and a white t-shirt and a cocktail dress.

I never leave the house without putting on under eye concealer and mascara. Reading a good book in the sunshine is my perfect idea of relaxation. Anything else you want to know, just ask!


Do you have something you want to share? I’d love to hear from you!