So, it all starts with a black dress…

The past three years I have been all over the place, specifically when it comes to what I want to do job-wise. Or if I need a job. Or if wanting a job after I decided to be a stay at home mom was even fair to my family.

[Disclaimer: I recognize that the fact that I can ask these questions makes me privileged. I know there are many women who do not have a choice in whether or not they work outside the home and I don’t want to diminish that. This is just a post about my own journey trying to figure out what I want to do.]

Two years ago, I decided I was going to be a group fitness instructor so I studied, took the test, passed, and actually became a certified group instructor. Then I did absolutely nothing with that certification. About three months after I passed the exam, I took a part-time job at boutique in Mandeville. I LOVED that job. The store was five minutes from my house and my part-time job did little to disrupt my family’s routine and schedule. I looked forward to going to work. I liked learning about the retail business. I liked talking to customers. I liked helping them style an outfit that made them feel confident and beautiful. I liked merchandising the store. I was a sponge and soaked up every little bit of knowledge I could while I worked there. I even went to market in Dallas and no surprise, loved that, too! I had a desire one day to open my own boutique and I daydreamed about what I would name it. After about 7 months working there, J’s job moved us back to Houston so I had to say goodbye to the part-time gig I adored!

Almost immediately after moving to Houston, I got a job at a well-known high-end boutique. I lasted three days. The boutique was thirty minutes from my house and child-care wasn’t as easy to figure out as I had hoped. It was clear that it wasn’t going to work out for my family even though I desperately wanted it to. Guess what? I had another idea! I’ll start a blog! I mean, I could put together outfits and post them on the ‘gram, right? Well, yes, right. But y’all… that adds up! I am not at the level where brands are sending me clothes to promote so I’m having to buy new stuff to highlight. Remember, my post about my out of control spending habits… yeah, the blog wasn’t exactly helping me out in that area. I don’t like the pressure of constantly putting out new content (read: a picture of me in a new outfit) and I don’t like encouraging people to spend money just to spend money. I like helping people make smart wardrobe purchases for their lifestyle, budget, and style. So, where does that leave State of Sarah? Keep reading. It will all come together. I promise.

While I was launching my blog, I got ANOTHER job, this time as a part-time marketing assistant for an insurance company. I could work from home with a good friend who is amazing at what she does! How could it get any better? But… I quit that job, too. I was trying to do this blog thing, adjust to my husband’s new commute and work schedule, and generally keep the wheels of our household running well and I wasn’t doing a very good job at any of it. [Sidenote: During this time I realized I don’t really like working from home. My house distracts me too much. It’s because I can’t let go of the mess, the dishes, the laundry. Any “work” I do, has to be outside of this house even if it’s just a library or Starbucks.] About this time I also decided to go back to school and knock out a pesky foreign language requirement that has kept me from hanging a UT diploma on my wall.

Oh wait, and in the middle of this, I briefly flirted with starting my own event planning business since that is what I did when I worked before having children.

That’s a lot of jobs, ideas, and certifications, isn’t it? I often feel like I’m floundering. Whether it’s right or wrong – my guess is that it’s neither – I want something else to DO other than my housework and family management. Not that those things aren’t a full-time job on their own. I think they are, but when I don’t have a side gig, something inside of me gets restless. I really just want my job at Paix a Vous back, but since that’s impossible, I am doing, yes, ANOTHER new thing.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, you deserve a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Go ahead; go fill it up because there’s more.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a neighbor about a Lilla P dress I had ordered and how I thought it would be great to take on her family’s European vacation. She assured me she didn’t wear maxi dresses, but that she’d try it on since I suggested it. The next day I walked my dress across the street so she could try it on. She loved it! She ordered it! And was thankful I pushed her slightly out of her comfort zone. She suggested I could do this for other people and I thought to myself “I HAVE done this for other people!” How many times did I answer a friends text about their outfit? How many times did I suggest an outfit for a holiday party or work event? How many times have I gone through friends’ closets with them and help them edit their wardrobe? And the idea for Sarah High Style, a closet consultation and personal shopping business, was born. This new venture takes all of the things I loved about my boutique job – helping women feel confident and beautiful – but without the risk of opening a brick and mortar store. Plus, I can manage my own schedule.

Is this going to work or will it be one more thing I add to my list of “things I’ve tried?” I don’t really know. My plan is to start very small, very slow, and be consistent.

As for State of Sarah, I will still be here. You’ll see I added a page called Sarah High Style in the headings. Now that my “fashion/clothing” itch will be scratched through Sarah High Style I feel freedom in being able to write about whatever I want… which is the point of having a blog, I suppose.

So, another new thing that all started with a black dress. Here we go.


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