Friday Finds – Manic May

This week was the calm before the storm. I’ve heard the stories and seen the memes about May for moms, but wow… this is the first year I’ve fully experienced it. I know that it will only get busier as my kids get older. Next week we have swim practice every day, dance class, dance photos and dress rehearsal, Cub Scouts Crossing Over Ceremony, a practice swim meet, family coming in from out of town topped off with a dance recital. Phew! I know I’m not special when it comes to this manic May scheduling, but I do think I have issues managing it all with grace which brings me to my first Friday find.

  1. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Neiquist – Full disclaimer. I haven’t read this whole book yet. In fact, I was just introduced to Wednesday night, but I started today and it’s exactly what I need to read now. I admit I often aim for perfection over being present with those I’m with. I’m sure a therapy session or two would help me understand what I’m trying to accomplish with all the striving and aiming for perfection, but it’s a busy week so… therapy will wait and I’ll read this book instead. This next week is a big week for my 7 and 4 year olds. I don’t want them looking back at their scout crossing over ceremony or their dance recital and remember me being stressed out and snappy. I want them to remember me beaming at them from the audience fully immersed in their moment. I don’t have any illusions that reading this book in the next day or two will magically change how I approach life, but I am hoping to gain a few ideas to help me next week. And then maybe I’ll get around to scheduling that therapy session.

2. A Bogg Bag
I was at swim practice and another mom had the coolest pool/beach bag. It’s the Bogg bag. It doesn’t tip over; it wipes down easily and comes with a little insert to keep your phone and other personal items dry. I ordered one in anticipation of our many pool days this summer and our August beach trip.

3. Trish McEvoy Make Up Brush.
I have never really been “in” to beauty. Most of my dollars are going straight to clothing. I have never watched a YouTube video on how to apply make up and I have only two lipstick colors I wear regularly. However, lately I’ve been paying slightly more attention to make up and skin care. This brush makes applying eye shadow SO easy. I did have a make up lesson a little over a year ago and I remember the make up artist stressing the importance of brushes. In my opinion, this one should be your first brush purchase.

4. J Crew Sale
Ugh. It was so hard for me to even look at this site since I’m in the middle of my shopping fast. There are so many cute things for summer. Currently, sale items are 50% off and today they have 35% off full priced items! IF I were shopping, I’d snag this dress at 35% off. I love the colors and it looks so comfortable! Perfect for a beach vacation!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are pretty busy, but are armed with our bug spray for the grad parties, pool parties, girl parties and everything in between!

take care of yourself!

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