Friday Finds

Hey, it’s the first Friday I’m blogging in the new year and so I decided to bring back Friday Finds!

Slow Burn Podcast
I am late to the game on podcasts. I hear people talk about podcasts, but I never looked into them. It seemed like something the “young kids” do these days. Then I came across an article that listed the best podcasts of 2018 and my interest was piqued. On our way to Louisiana for the Sugar Bowl (hook ’em!) J and I put on the first season on Slow Burn which chronicles the Watergate scandal. Not having lived during that time period we were blown away by the details. It was CRAZY! We realized the two paragraphs in our high school history books really watered down (pun intended) the scandal. On our way home, we listened to season 2 which covers the Clinton Impeachment. We enjoyed this season, but in a different way. We lived through the impeachment and it was interesting to discuss what we remember about that time. If you are at compelled by history or politics I highly recommend Slow Burn.

The Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook

I’m not necessarily a huge proponent of paleo, but paleo recipes omit ingredients I tend to eat in small amounts… mainly dairy and grains. An easy slow cooker recipe is always my go-to on busy school nights. Tomorrow, you’ll see one of the recipes I pulled from this book in my menu planning post. Click on the picture to the right if you want to shop this cookbook.

The Boardroom
Ok, so I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard several men mention they really enjoy this place. There is one in Sugar Land in Town Square and I’m hoping Jordan tries it out soon! If not, I may get him a gift card for Valentine’s Day! J, act surprised!

Ekhouaer Pajamas
Every time I search for “nice” pajamas a $200 sets pop up. That’s a non-starter. But then I found these pajamas on Amazon with a really great rating! These are the softest, most comfortable pajamas under $50! They come in so many colors and patterns. I think they make a great gift (Valentine’s Day is coming up!) which is why they went on my Christmas gift list. So excited I got them! Check out my feed to the right and click on the picture to shop them.

Do you have fun plans this Friday? We are going out to dinner as a family. I think we will hit up some place close to Town Square so the kids can run around after dinner. That should make them tired and easy to put to bed, right? Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your Friday!

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