Progress, not Perfection: First Quarter Goals

I mentioned in my last post that I’m making quarterly goals/resolutions this year. A full year’s resolution hasn’t worked for me in the past, and if something isn’t working you should try something new. Below is a little about each of my goals and how it will affect State of Sarah.

J and I have some big financial goals we are aiming for this year. We have broken them down into quarterly goals and it feels so much more attainable. Because of my family’s financial goals, I am going to have to be more thoughtful about the purchases I make – especially clothing purchases. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I really love clothes. And I really love nice clothes. But I am a mom who works part-time and to pretend I’m not a budget would be disingenuous. I can’t have it all and I need to make choices. With that in mind, I won’t be buying a lot of clothes the month of January, with the exception of using my Athleta gift card! I have plenty of new stuff from Christmas and my birthday that can tide me over. What does this mean for State of Sarah? How am I going to show you all the fun stuff in stores? I’m starting a series called Dressing Room Diaries. I’ll pick a store, go try stuff on, take photos in the terrible lighting, and then let you know what I eventually decided to buy, if anything. Dressing Room Diaries will be a heading soon on the blog. Stay tuned!

Isn’t this where most of us land when making resolutions? I know I do! Have they worked in the past? Sometimes, but those resolutions have also not worked enough that I’m trying something different. I am attempting to feel good from the inside out. This fall I met with a GI doctor because for years, YEARS, I have had stomach discomfort and pain. I had a CT Scan which led to a colonoscopy. They couldn’t determine what was causing my pain, but I’m so thankful for that procedure because they found poylps! In case you were wondering the risk factors for having polyps are: 50 years or older; Overweight; have Type 2 Diabetes or are a smoker. I don’t fit any of these demographics. I will now have a colonoscopy every five years and my children will need to start getting them at age 40 instead of 50. All of this to say, if something is bothering you, go get it checked out. While it’s true the GI Doctor didn’t find the cause of my discomfort, I’m thankful I started looking in to why I wasn’t feeling great that led to the discovery of these polyps. Can you imagine if I had waited 12 years to get my first colonoscopy?

Wow. I got sidetracked. So, since the GI doctor couldn’t figure out why I was having tummy troubles someone suggested I look for nutrition advice. I found Nicole, with Chews Food Wisely. She’s a functional dietitian. I’ve met with her once and will continue to meet with her. We are testing for food intolerances and also checking the bacteria levels in my gut. From there Nicole will work with me on how to eat properly for my body. I am so anxious to start feeling better from the inside out! What does this mean for State of Sarah? I am updating my headings to include a Nutrition/Food tab. All my posts that pertain to my journey with Nicole, recipes I find along the way, and tips I learn or find about how to eat better will live there.

And of course, I am taking up a physical challenge. In November, I joined Orange Theory Sugar Land. I’m obsessed. I walk in; don’t have to think about what I’m doing that day, have a killer workout, and an hour later I’m out the door and on with my day. They are doing a Transformation Challenge and I just signed up. It’s from January – March which is perfect for my quarterly mindset this year. I’d love to win the cash prize (hello, spring clothes), but I’m really doing it for the accountability.

When I was in elementary school I distinctly remember once report card coming home. On the back, where the teacher writes comments, she said that I was a great student, had wonderful behavior, but that I had no organizational skills. It’s true. I could easily be one of the most disorganized people you know. I have to work hard (really really hard!) to have any semblance of organization. I sometimes think that I use what little organizational skills I have to keep “the trains running” in my family and let’s be real, those trains aren’t always on time. I use all that energy and when it comes to my professional life – my part-time job and my blog – everything is reactionary. And, if I’m honest, this little blog falls down the list of priorities pretty quickly when the “to-do” list gets long. I don’t like that so I’m making small changes. What does this mean for State of Sarah? I will pre-plan more of my blog and my work schedule so that I’m more consistent with both. I also have some specific layout and design changes to State of Sarah that will happen before the end of March.

I’m going to revisit these resolutions in March and give an honest assessment of how I’m doing. Will I be perfect? No way! But the goal is progress, not perfection!

What are you making progress towards the first few months of 2019?

take care of yourself and each other!

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