A Different Kind of Resolution

January 1. Everyone is making resolutions for the year. People are picking words to define their 2019 and setting grandiose goals. I love it! I love the optimism, the passion, the drive. But we all know that stats, right? 80% of resolutions “fail” by February.

At church the other day, we were talking about how making big statements – I am going to be morally good forever – always end in disappointment and defeat. The answer really is taking your faith and your relationship with God day by day. Asking God for help and provision for the moment you are presently in. I think the same can be applied to New Year’s Resolutions. When I set a big new year’s resolution and fail… ugh, the word itself makes me want to crawl into a hole… I feel shameful, defeated, unworthy. Oftentimes my resolutions in the past, like most people, involve my body – losing weight, gaining muscle, leaning out – and when those resolutions fail I dislike my own body a little more. It’s a nasty cycle. And I have a precious four year-old girl who is looking at me to show her how to have a healthy relationship with her own body. No pressure, right?

Goals and resolutions are important, but my resolutions are going to be a little different this year. I’m setting quarterly resolutions. From now until March 31 I have specific financial, personal, and professional goals. Towards the end of March, I’ll reevaluate and amend those goals for the second quarter. For me, this feels more doable. More attainable. Less defeat.

I’ll be posting more about these goals over the next week. I’m excited to share them and have some accountability!

Do you think quarterly goals are something you would do? How do you handle New Year’s resolutions?

Happy New Year! Start 2019 off right by having a great day!

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