Hostess Gift Guide

Do you like to throw parties? I do! There’s something about my home being filled with people, having a good time, making new friends, enjoying food and drink that just makes me happy! However, throwing parties can be a lot of work, even if it is enjoyable work which is why often people bring a gift to the host or hostess.

Sidenote: I went down a rabbit hole of trying to understand where the tradition of hostess gifts originated from. Admittedly, I didn’t spend all that much time on google, but I did find these interesting articles on hostess gifts. If you are a little nerdy like me, you should read them! 

Emily Post – Should I Bring a Hostess Gift?
The 7 Most Elegant Hostesses in Literature

Ok, here are my top picks for a hostess gift! Some of these are on the pricey side, but you can use them as examples and find similar items at HomeGoods.

monogram cheese board.jpg
Anthropologie has the cutest home stuff! And I love a good monogram!
A fun, whimsical holiday dish towel could be something different to give!
Candles are a popular hostess gift, but instead of giving one, why not give a set of three? Then your hostess can make multiple rooms in her home smell great!
Aren’t these soaps adorable? Perfect for a fun, holiday hostess gift!
This adorable honey jar set also helps funds classroom observation hives in 1,000 schools across the nation to support education and generate awareness about vulnerable honeybee populations.
Three ingredients? I think I can even handle that! The perfect at-home cocktail guide!
This is one of my favorites! Linen cocktail napkins on a roll that can be torn off and used as needed!? Cool! And you can wash them up to 6 times. Or just toss them when you are done! Perfect for parties!


The most ubiquitous hostess gift is wine – and that’s great! But why not change things up a bit and bring some champagne with a stopper that can keep champagne fresh?

Happy hostessing and party-going, friends!


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