My Favorite Things

French fries with champagne and football on TV
Dark Chocolate almonds and freshly brewed coffee
Athleta leggings and dresses in spring
These are a few of my favorite things…

So, I’m relatively new to this blogging thing and now that it is December 1 I realize I should have started curating a gift guide in September! Yikes… I didn’t do that. Next year I’ll aim to have one of those bright shiny gift guides other bloggers provide you. This year though… you’re going to get a list of my favorite things. Maybe this will help you buy gifts for others or maybe you’ll find a few things on here to add to your own list.


The O Key Ring
I love this key ring so much more than I thought I was going to! I am usually carrying at least two bags and two water bottles out the door (not to mention my coffee!)  every morning and this key ring allows my hands to be free to carry all that stuff!

Apple Watch
I don’t know what I did without my apple watch and heaven forbid anything happen to it!

Yeti Rambler
As moms it can take us three hours to drink our cup of coffee, but my Yeti helps keeps it warm whenever I can get around to drinking it! And I have one that is personalized!

Bare Minerals Mascara
My friend, Erica, and I are always on the lookout for the best mascara. My go to used to be Lash Paradise by L’Oreal, but now I’m loving Lashtopia by BareMinerals. Another good stocking stuffer!


Athleta Leggings
I had such a mish mash of work out clothes that I decided I really wanted to find a pair of pants that felt good and held up well. I tried several, but ultimately Athleta Run Free and Contender leggings did it for me! They are pricey so I’m slowly adding to my collection. Hoping a pair or two show up under the tree this year.


White T Shirt
I think I have made my love for white t shirts abundantly clear on this blog. These are a few of my favorites! Yes, you’re asking yourself – am I really spending $39 on a white tee? It’s held up well for me so far, but I’ll be honest that I waited for a sale to come along before I purchased. I’ll keep you posted on any deals that pop up with this one. Or, you could just get the $8 Target t shirt!


Goodr Sunglasses
I have a pair of “nice” sunglasses, but sometimes there are occasions where you need functional, but not expensive sunglasses. These are them! They are $25. Polarized. And come in so many fun colors! I don’t mind wearing these to the pool with the kids, on the lake or to the beach!


Emily Ley Planner
In elementary school, my report card would come home and while my teachers would praise my academics, they would always comment on my lack of organizational skills. Being naturally unorganized is a tough thing when you are a mom of 2. In a perfect world, I would always have it together. I don’t, but I am much more prepared when I use my Emily Ley Planner. I get one every year and I love that it becomes a little diary of our family.


Bubbly Splits
I would say that champagne is my favorite adult beverage. Sure, I go on a craft beer kick or decide to make moscow mules at home, but I always come back to the bubbly. The thing is… I can’t drink a whole bottle in a sitting. I guess I could, but I’d be pretty worthless the next day. So, I opt for these splits! I’m hoping to get a set of “less fancy” flutes to use for everyday.


Instant Pot
Do you have one yet? If not, put it on your list! This week alone I used it to make spaghetti, General Tso’s Chicken and Honey Mustard Chicken. All were a hit with my family.


Virtue Jewelry
I know I say I wear Virtue Jewelry everyday and it’s true!

Things that I *think* could be my favorites and are on my wish list!


Skinnytaste Cookbook
I have the other 2 skinnytaste cookbooks, and I am hoping to get her new one as well. One pot meals are my favorite to make… less dishes to clean up!


Espwa 4 Things Tote
These “4 Things” tote are fun because while they are personalized, it’s not with a monogram – it’s your four favorite things! You have to move fast though to get these before Christmas and put a “rush order” on it. Otherwise, keep it in mind for a fun birthday gift! I would put “Coffee, Champagne, French Fries, Football” on mine! What would you put on yours?


Mark & Graham Convertible Crossbody Bag
Crossbody bags are my favorite because my hands are free, but I feel like I’m always on the hunt for a good clutch. Well, here you go – the Mark & Graham convertible clutch! So many colors to choose from (I’d probably pick black or camel. Or red.) and the monogram is understated which I like.


Recipe Tea Towel
Aren’t these recipe towels are so sweet? They would make great gifts! I have a couple of recipes I’d love to get made.

Remember that you can shop most of my favorites on the sidebar AND… follow me on the app! Download it and follow me! It would mean the world to me!

Have a fun, festive weekend!


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