An Imperfect Pinkalicious Party

I’ve told several people this week I am not a crafty mom. I am an Amazon Prime mom, but for some reason for L’s 4th birthday I decided to move out of my wheelhouse and attempted to be crafty. I will say it was more fun than I was expecting because L was really excited. I did have to call on my craftiest friend, Brittany, several times for help! My biggest lesson… a glue gun is your best craft tool.

Don’t get me wrong… I love throwing parties and I think L does, too! She was full of ideas! L knows what she wants and declared in July that she was having a Pinkalicious themed birthday party… in November. It was a fairly easy party to plan because I just followed the book starting with…

The Outfit
Remember, I’m not crafty… and I definitely don’t sew which is why Two Bunnies Custom Sewing is my go to for Halloween Costumes. Emily is great and I knew she would do a wonderful job on a Pinkalicious dress! L loves it and I’m already planning on using it for future Book Character Days at school.



The Cupcakes
Sweet Stories made the perfectly Pinkalicious cupcakes! They look exactly like the cupcakes in the book! Tonia was so sweet to work with.



The Food
The party was in the afternoon so we kept the food light – pink popcorn, strawberries and raspberries, and pink jelly beans. We also had pink lemonade to drink! Of course, the cure for Pinkititis is green food so we also had cucumber and hummus, chips and guacamole, and green grapes.


The Favors
Instead of putting together favor bags, we ordered these paperback Pinkalicious books and included a label in the front thanking them for coming to the party.


When the kids arrived we had them decorate wands. This is where my glue gun came in! I bought pre-cut felt stars and dows. Glued some glitter ribbon on them and had stickers for the kids to decorate. We also had the kids play pin the cherry on the cupcake. This cupcake gave me fits, but once again… Brittany and the glue gun came to my rescue. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but when Lucy came home from school she gasped and said “OH! It’s perfect!” My primary audience was happy so I was, too!


Lucy loving my imperfect cupcake was a great reminder, too, because I think sometimes I do birthday parties (and similar activities) to somehow validate my own worth as a mother and I want it all to be perfect. If the party is perfect than I can be a perfect mom, right? Ha… if only that were true! I fail every day and I wish there was some magical glue gun for correcting parenting mistakes!

All in all, our girl had a great party and we are so thankful for all who came to celebrate with us!





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  1. You are such a good mom! The party was fantastic!! No way I would have even attempted making all those crafts. I am most definitely an amazon prime mom, too! It’s obvious your kids are so loved and you invest so much of yourself in them. They are happy and delightful and adorable!

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