Gratitude Before Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Be honest, have you started decorating for Christmas yet? I haven’t, but a few ideas about how I will decorate our new house this year are banging around in my head. I’m really excited for the holidays this year. We won’t be travelling much and I’m looking forward to all the holiday activities in and around Houston like Zoo Lights and the Nutcracker.

There is a part of me though that is reflecting on how we now jump from Halloween straight to Christmas. In the past I was OK moving right on in to the holiday season (I figured if I was going to put up all those holiday decorations I would enjoy them as long as I could!), but this year I feel hesitant to skip over Thanksgiving. I’ve noticed in the past few months that my kids are acting entitled. They want something, usually a toy or some candy, and they think should have it just because they want it. It doesn’t matter how many toys they already have at home or that they just pulled in a half ton of Halloween candy – they always want more. I get it… they are kids. But think about the entitled adults you know; they don’t have the childish charm to pull it off, do they? And isn’t it my job to teach my children how to be grateful for what they already have before they get inundated with more stuff at Christmas?

I’m constantly relearning the lesson that kids will do what you do regardless of what you say so if I want to teach my children gratitude, I need to look at myself. And yikes, y’all… that was a scary refection staring back at me. I want more. I want more clothes. I want more house décor. I want more vacations. I want more dinners out at nice restaurants. I want a nicer car. I want more money. Talk about entitled. My kids had nothing on me in that department. I need to be grateful for what I already have and when I think about it… I have a LOT for which to be grateful. So really, it’s just as important for me to spend the month of November giving thanksgiving. Here’s what we are going to do in our home to foster gratitude before the Christmas gifts come…

  1. Every night, either at the dinner table or before bed, we are going to tell each other something specific we were grateful for that day.
  2. We have a hand towel (from the Target spot!) where we write down what we are grateful for and it is in a place we can see it everyday.
  3. Everyday, I’m going to tell someone outside of my family that I’m grateful for them. This will be genuine, not just an item I need to check off.

How do you help your kids be grateful? How do you stay in a place of gratitude? I’d love to get more tip!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends! Find something to be grateful for!

One thought on “Gratitude Before Gifts

  1. Every morning on the way to school – when we’re all in the car and buckled in – I ask “what are we grateful for today” and we all say something. 🙂 It’s the one time of day that I can get it in while we’re all a captive audience!

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