My Menu: More Veggies!

My menu may look a little different this week. It’s not anything too crazy, but for a while I’ve thought grains may affect me adversely. I’m talking doubled over in pain at times. The best I have ever felt in my adult life was when I was doing a Whole 30. But, after the 30 days I never did the reintroduction phase properly. Anyway, the other day, after my initial appointment with a GI doctor, I thought… why do I keep eating grains if I think they affect me so much? I’m going to continue to work with my GI doctor and see if we can get some conclusive answers, but in the meantime, I’ll conduct a little experiment of my own. So, that’s why my menu looks a little different this week. And why I’m eating Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and avocado for breakfast! I’m cutting out grains, eating less meat and trying to eat more veggies. Unless it’s a special occasion, like L’s birthday, and then I’m having a cupcake!  Also, has anyone ever done the Everly Well Food Sensitivity Test? I’m really interested in doing it!

Sunday: Black Bean Soup with Kale and Quinoa
My friend posted this soup and it looked delish! You should follow her on Instagram – @wholefoodie_tx. We will see how well the kids eat this! I always keep a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese in the pantry so I might make it so they can have both!

Monday: Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes
I love this because I can set it up like a baked potato bar (remember those were all the rage at early 2000s weddings?) and everyone can choose what goes on their sweet potato.

Tuesday: Baked Ziti with Spinach and Salad
So, I don’t really want to eat dairy, but I know the kids will eat this. I plan to get gluten free pasta.

Wednesday: Turkey Burgers (no bun for me) with Carrot Fries
The one vegetable both my kids will eat without a fight are carrots. I figured carrot fries might be more fun to go with turkey burgers than just plain ol’ carrots!

Thursday: Grilled Salmon with Avocado Bruschetta and Salad
My kids don’t really eat salad. L will eat cucumbers and I’ll probably throw some baby carrots on H’s plate. They will probably have some fruit, too – strawberries or grapes. Why is it so hard to get kids to eat vegetables? It’s pretty easy to get them to eat dougnuts!


J is gone for part of the week next week and then on Friday, my friend Erica from Mandeville is visiting me for the weekend! I’m so excited! We are going out to eat, just the two of us, on Friday. Any restaurant suggestions?

Have a wonderful Saturday! L and I are meeting up with my mom for some Holiday Card Shopping today! I’m hoping to knock out a good portion of my Christmas shopping.

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