Sleepless in Sugar Land

I used to pride myself on how well my kids slept, you know, like I actually had something to do with it. H slept through the night at a ridiculously early age. L was a little more difficult, but eventually she got it. Back in the good ol’ rested days, they would be in bed by 7 and then J and I would have our entire evening to watch tv, talk – whatever we wanted.

But now? Now my kids aren’t sleeping. They are 6 and almost 4 and I am up more now in the middle of the night than when they were babies. On Sunday night, L was up for two hours. TWO HOURS. Last night, H was up twice. L was up twice. The dog had a dream where she whined and my husband was snoring. I am tired. Straight up exhausted. Which means I am cranky and have less patience with everyone.  The kids are exhausted, too, which means they are cranky and acting a little bratty. Cranky, bratty, and no patience is a terrible combination. We all need sleep.

Let me go through the list of what we have tried. We have tried letting them sleep together in H’s room on his bunk beds. We have tried rewarding with sticker charts. We have tried punishment in taking toys away. We have tried not engaging them at all and putting them back to bed. This works with H. L is a different story. We are still figuring out what motivates her. We have tried no nap with her. We have tried ensuring she gets a nap. And sometimes, when I get those moments in the car where they want to talk, I simply ask… why won’t you stay in bed? Why do you think you have trouble staying asleep? We have had conversations about how they need sleep to grow, Mom needs sleep to stay sane, and Dad needs sleep so he doesn’t crash on his long commute, but none of that seems to matter at 3 am when I hear the door to my bedroom creak open.

My biggest fantasy right now is checking in to a hotel room and sleeping. I know this is not unusual for moms. My fantasy used to involve a plush hotel with really luxurious sheets. Now, I’d take a Holiday Inn. And not necessarily a newly renovated one. I just want to sleep. And my kids need sleep. Do you have ANY suggestions beyond what we have already done? At this point, I will try just about anything because I miss being a productive, patient, and positive mom who wrote blog posts.

Seriously Sleepy,




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