Long Lost Pinterest Recipe to the Rescue!

My kids go through phases with their fruit. It sounds weird, but they do. They will eat bananas for weeks and then all of the sudden stop and decide strawberries are now their chosen fruit. I wish I could predict these changes, but I can’t which is how I ended up with 6 large bananas that were super ripe.

When we got home from the lake I saw the bananas and thought about tossing them, but I heard the voice in the back of my head  say “don’t be so wasteful.” Then I thought about making banana bread. I pulled out my cookbook, read over the recipe and decided that was too much effort for a drizzly Labor Day Monday. Plus, I’d eat half the loaf within two hours of making it and I’m fairly certain that would have put me over on my carbs for the day. I was about to go back to tossing them out, when I remembered a recipe that was all the rage on Pinterest about five years ago. Do you remember it? It’s the three ingredient banana oatmeal cookie. If not, below are the very loose directions.

  1. Mash up your bananas
  2. Mix in your oats. My ratio is about 1.5 cups quick oats to 2 large bananas
  3. Include “mixings” – chocolate chips (my personal favorite), nuts, cranberries, or whatever else you can think of!
  4. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes

I’m using these for everything! Sending them to school with H for his afternoon snack. Letting L think she is having a cookie for breakfast. A quick pre-workout meal. Or dessert! It’s the most versatile and easy cookie ever!

They were fans! It’s probably the healthiest cookie they will ever eat!

Have you made these before? What do you do with your over ripe bananas?

Enjoy the short work week!

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