Who’s excited about a new menu?

Well, it’s a three-day weekend, so it’s OK this menu is a day late, right? Sorry about that! We are at the lake and after the first week of school we are all exhausted and needed some down time. Can you relate? I’m glad to report that H loves school (really LOVES it!) and we are settling in to a week-day routine. Hopefully that means more consistent blog posts from me.

Ok, without further delay – this weeks menu!

Monday: Grilled Cumin Pork Tenderloin with Summer, Corn,  Tomato & Avocado Salad
It’s our last meal of the summer! Who am I kidding? We will be feeling the summer heat for another month, but we love this pork tenderloin. The salad is new to me, but I’m excited to try it out. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Tuesday: Indian Shrimp Curry with Brown Rice
Tuesday mornings are busy so there isn’t much time to prep dinner early in the day. This dish comes together really quickly and the kids love it! I am doubling the recipe this time though, because we didn’t have any leftovers for J to take to lunch since H ate three servings last time! The kid digs Indian food.

Wednesday: Skillet Caprese Chicken with a big salad
I’ve made this before and it was good! Plus, I love that you just use one skillet. A big salad for me means whatever veggies I have on hand – probably bell peppers, tomatoes, celery and carrots. If I have some kalamata olives I’ll throw those in, too.

Thursday: Skinnytaste Slow Cooker Meatloaf
We have a parent orientation at H’s school on Thursday evening, so we need something easy. This Skinnytaste slow cooker meatloaf from her cookbook, Fast and Slow, is great! It’s one of H’s favorite. I have her other cookbook, Skinnytaste, and she has another book, One and Done, out in October. It would make a great gift for busy moms.

Friday: Annie’s Mac & Cheese and something easy for me!
HA! Jordan has to go to Louisiana this weekend to take care of some things at our house there (it still hasn’t sold!), so it’s just me and the kids Friday night. Anyone else phone it in occasionally when their husbands aren’t around?

Saturday: Winging It
We are going to visit my grandfather for the day and I have no idea when we will be back. I have a feeling the options will be Catfish King, Lufkin BBQ or the Mexican restaurant my Papa loves. It’s going to be interesting figuring out how those options fit in my macros!

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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