Menu Planning Week 2: Back to School and Birthday Dinners!

Another week, another menu! Same picture. I’ll get a new one by next week!

Saturday: Lavash Flatbread Pizza
I’ve posted this recipe before, but we are having family movie night and these are perfect for it! Kids love making their own pizzas and I can stay on track with my nutrition goals. I’ll pile mine up with lots of veggies, and the kids (and J) will load up some pepperoni.

Sunday: Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries
I mentioned I like to keep Sunday easy. If I was an overachiever I’d make my own sweet potato fries, but I’ll buy the Alexia ones and call it a night. Also, these are my favorite turkey burgers to make because they don’t dry out and my kids are eating zucchini without realizing it.

Monday: Turkey Meatball Tortellini Soup
I know what you’re thinking… soup in August? This is my son’s favorite meal. He LOVES it. On special occasions I’ll ask him what he wants for dinner and he always replies with this meal. Monday is his first day of first grade at a new school and he got to choose the meal for this day. So, soup in August!

Tuesday: Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Apples
I found this recipe when we were doing the Whole30. It makes a TON and everyone enjoys it. It’s a sheet pan meal so it’s easy. I dig easy.

Wednesday: Filet Mignon For Two / Cauliflower Mash / Salad / Carrot Cake
J got to pick out the meal tonight since it’s his birthday! I’ll be honest, I’m not serving the kids filet mignon! Ha… they will most likely have chicken nuggets and be fine with that. We really enjoy this cauliflower mash instead of potatoes. It’s just GOOD. And I haven’t made this carrot cake before, but I’ll let y’all know how it is. I like that it is not huge. There are just four of us so we don’t need a ton of cake to celebrate.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Broccoli and Beef
This is an easy slow cooker recipe because there is no prep before hand.You just put it in the crock pot and leave. My favorite kind of slow cooker recipes! I’ll probably make some brown rice with this as well.

Friday: Headed to the Lake for Labor Day Weekend

I just realized this is a really heavy meat menu. I usually try to include a couple of vegetarian meals in our week, but that didn’t happen this week! I’ll be more balanced next week!

Happy Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping/Cooking!


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  1. This looks amazing! We meal plan too which makes the week so much easier. I’m going to give that cauliflower mash a try, I usually to my potato mash with turmeric so I’ll add that too. Great post!

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