Friday Finds: Mid-Life, H&M Dresses and Freezer Meals!

This week I took advantage of just having H home on Monday and Wednesday. We tried to go to the movies (the movie didn’t work!) and did go to the Art Museum. Today, J and I are taking him to a water park for his “last day of summer.” Lazy summer mornings are nice, but I am so looking forward to getting into a routine when “big kid” school starts on Monday.

Below are my Friday Finds!

Mid-Life Wellness Tune-Up Guide
I really enjoyed this New York Times article about a mid-life wellness tune-up. Am I middle-aged? I guess so. That thought was a little depressing, but then I realized… “Wow, I, hopefully, have a lot of years ahead of me. Let’s make the most out of it.”  I really liked the part about creating a mid-life mission statement. It seemed cheesy when I first read it, but you’re only going to live the kind of life you want by being intentional so you might as well it down and get to living.

Liz & Honey Top
I love this top. I’m a sucker for ribbons and bows. Wear it with black jeans and look instantly put together.


H&M Dress
Remember, when I made my fall wardrobe list? I had something floral on there, and this H&M dress fits the bill! It’s under $30 and I can easily wear this through our Houston fall to church, PTO meetings, lunch, dinner… it’s a good buy!


Healthy Homemade Snacks & Breakfasts
Next week marks the beginning of the school year for H! I’m excited for him (and who’s kidding… me, too), but the only thing I don’t love is that he has lunch at 10:30! That’s so early! He does have a snack later in the day though. Since it’s the beginning of the year and I think I can be super mom I plan on making his snack so he has something nutritious and filling. I’m making  Hidden Veggie Muffins and Homemade Granola Bars from the cookbook Against All Grain. I’ll probably throw a cheese stick in there, too. Ask me what I’m sending for his snack in April and my answer might be a bag of baked Cheetos. But hey… beginning of the school year mom is on top of it. I am also planning on making these scrambled egg muffins with cheese and bacon for a filling, fast breakfast. We are going to be struggling on Monday morning to get to school by 7:30!

Freezer Meals.
I am going to post my menu plan for the week tomorrow, but this weekend I’m also going to be making some freezer meals. These are the two recipes I’m making:
Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken and One Pan Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake. I’ve made the grilled cilantro lime chicken before, but the pasta bake will be new for me. I’m going to have to double the pasta bake since J likes to take leftovers for lunch.  It’s nice to have a couple of freezer meals on hand for when life gets busy or you don’t feel like cooking.

Just a reminder that the Theater District’s Open House is on Sunday. You should check it out if you are free!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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