What to Wear Wednesday: Timid About Trends

Question: So I’m generally kind of a late adopter of clothing trends. I wait to see what actually sticks around more than one season and then I’ll buy it. Let’s use skinny jeans as an example- I’ve finally gotten rid of all my boot cut, wide leg jeans and of course now they are becoming more trendy. So do you just get rid of all your skinny jeans at once or is it a slow transition? I feel like i have finally truly adopted the whole skinny jean thing and now it’s not so trendy

This is a good question! I understand being hesitant about new trends. I look back and think there are a couple of trends I probably should have skipped. I’m looking at you trucker hats in the early 2000s. You don’t want to spend money on something trendy that you are only going to wear for one season. The good news is that most trends do stick around for at least a couple of seasons. Let’s take jeans. Skinny jeans are not “out.” You’ll still see them being sold and worn, it is just that they aren’t as trendy as cropped denim. I wouldn’t suggest you throw out all your skinny jeans. Keep them. Wear them! They’re going to be here for a while. But, if you want to try a trendier denim – go get a pair of cropped flares. Buy a cheaper pair, like these from Old Navy, to see how you like them and if you wear them. Think of it as adding variety to your wardrobe instead of replacing something in your wardrobe. If you find you are wearing the new denim frequently, you might want to add another pair to your wardrobe in a different wash. Or try a different brand. Or get longer flares you can wear with booties and heels.


Try the cropped denim trend for under $30 with these Old Navy Jeans!

Sometimes you need to be patient when buying a new trend. I saw denim skirts everywhere this spring and I wanted one, but couldn’t pull the trigger for various reasons. They didn’t fit right, and the ones that did were like $200. I kept a denim skirt in the back of my mind and guess what… I found one at Target for $20 last week. My patience finally paid off!


(this picture is driving me crazy. I’m working on it y’all). Skirt: Universal Thread at Target / T Shirt: Marine Layer / Shoes: Ecco / Earrings and Bracelets: Virtue Jewelry (can be found at various boutiques)

Here are some more tips when trying out new trends:

  1. Know that you might to feel a little uncomfortable at first trying out a new trend. But it should make you feel good when you wear it. If all you are thinking about is how awkward you feel then maybe that is not the trend for you to follow. A little uncomfortable is OK. Totally awkward is not OK.
  2. Start small. Get one item. Don’t go “all in.” And don’t get rid of all your other clothes.
  3. As I mentioned before, try a less expensive version of whatever trend you want to try.
  4. Sometimes, I find it easier to follow trends when it comes to accessories. You look current without having to update your entire wardrobe. For example, acrylic earrings are hot this fall. I like these. There are some great, affordable purses at Nordstrom, too. Get one in a popular fall color (this one is a personal fave) and you’ll look on point in your skinny jeans and army green purse.
  5. Don’t feel like you have to follow every trend. Style is personal and unique. Maybe instead of trendy, you are more tailored and classic. That’s OK! Learn what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable wearing. Just stay away from the trucker hats!

Hope this helps!

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