Your Fall Wardrobe Step 3: Making Purchases

Did you know there are some people who don’t like to shop? Seriously, there are. I don’t understand these people, because I think I could shop all day, every day. So for me, step 3 of prepping your fall wardrobe – making purchases – is my favorite step of all, but for some people it’s daunting and not enjoyable. I’m going to try and lay out some guidelines to help make this step a little easier for those of you who don’t like to shop. Or, you know, you can just call me and I’ll go shopping for you.

  1. Take the pressure off. You don’t have to buy everything at once.
  2. Set a budget that makes sense for you and your family. Then decide what you are willing to spend more on. For me, that is denim. Good denim lasts. I have a nine-year old pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I still wear.
  3. Make it fun! Grab a girlfriend who will give you honest feedback and make a day of it!

We are going to continue using my list as an example. I’ve crossed out all the things I’ve found in my closet.

Cropped Denim
Polka Dots
Marigold color
White Shoes
Moto Jacket

When you look at your list, think about what makes the most sense for you to buy.  Don’t walk into a store and buy the first floral item that catches your eye. I really want a high-end floral dress like this one, but… I have no place to wear this dress and it doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Plus, slightly out of my price range. So, a floral top to wear with my cropped denim makes so much sense for my day to day life. Here is my first floral top pick.

But, I’m not sure how this would fit in my overall budget, so this Old Navy top is a contender, too.

It’s kind of like a game of tetris. If I buy the white shoes, I’ll get the Old Navy top. If I decide I don’t really need the white shoes (spoiler alert – I already bought them!), then maybe I can get the $100 top.

Below are my other picks for the remaining items on my list.

Marigold Colormarigold
I love this sweater! It’s casual, comfy and such a great color!
Other picks: This Forever 21 Sweater looks like a great bargain buy!

White Shoes
white mules
This was a trend last year, but I was hesitant. This year, I’m all in. Get ready to see these shoes a lot!
Other picks: I’ve always had good luck with Sbicca shoes.

I’m a sucker for a bow. This blue color is great to use as a neutral, too!
Other picks: I like this mule for an edgier look!
studded mule


I’m still on the hunt, for the perfect lavender piece, but I adore this pink sweater. It looks more like a fall pink to me



I’ve had my eye on this sweater for a while now. I might be putting it on my Christmas/Birthday list.
Other picks: This Loft sweater looks like a great, easy and affordable striped sweater to add to your wardrobe.

Moto Jacket 

I am so excited about this moto jacket! I plan to wear it a lot when the weather gets cooler. Over white t-shirts (I wear white t-shirts a lot), over dresses, over everything!
Other picks: I guess I like BLANKNYC jackets! This suede moto jacket in the bank roll is really pretty.
Happy Shopping!

p.s. Next year we are going to go through this exercise BEFORE the big Nordstrom sale so you can take advantage of the sale prices for great fall items!

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