What to Wear Wednesday – Gym to School Edition

Welcome to the first What to Wear Wednesday! Often, my friends will ask me what to wear to certain events or how to make an outfit transition between seasons. I figured if they have these questions, maybe some of you do, too, so What to Wear Wednesday was created!

“I teach work out classes, but often volunteer at my children’s school after. How can I go from the gym to their school and look appropriate? Also, I’m on the hunt for the perfect gym bag!”

I think I mentioned that I’m in my gym clothes most of the time (totally fulfilling the stay at home mom stereotype) so I love that athleisure wear is so popular these days. People wear athlesiure wear all the time, but there are places (your kid’s school) where you might not want your backless lululemon shirt on. So, how can you go from gym to school? Or even gym to the grocery store? The key is layers! I don’t know about y’all, but I rarely have time to shower and get dressed at the gym before I’m dashing to the next place (usually late!) so I opt for pieces I can throw over my workout clothes. A layer that covers my bum and some dry shampoo and I’m on to the next task.

Below are some recent finds that help take you from the gym to where ever else you are headed! Most of them are from Zella, Nordstrom’s brand of athletic wear. I have several Zella pieces and they have always held up. Plus, Nordstrom’s has free shipping and free returns so it’s risk-free to you! I’ve also included a couple of pieces from Outdoor Voices. I love their vibe and aesthetic. My next purchase of workout clothes will be from Outdoor Voices. I can’t wait to try them out!

Oh! And check out this affordable gym bag I found on Amazon! You can wear it as a backpack or a tote! And a separate compartment for your shoes! Perfect!



Zella Wrap Sweater / This sweater looks so relaxed and comfortable.


Zella Uplifted Sweatshirt / I like that this top looks like a wrap top, but with the ease of a sweatshirt.


Zella Twisty Tee / How easy is this shirt to throw on and go after a workout? It’s longer in the back, too so covers your bum!


Zella Gather Sleeve Sweatshirt / The details on the sleeve are so sweet. I’m a sucker for a bow.


Zella By The Ocean Cardigan / I have a similar cardigan I wear all the time over my gym clothes.



Zella Back It Up Slub Tee / I think I partially put this one on here because I start singing “back, back, back it up” every time I see it! It has some appropriate breezy cutouts in the back to keep you cool this summer while covering your bum at the same time.


Outdoor Voices Merino Plie Wrap / I would wear this just to satisfy the wannabe ballerina in me!


Outdoor Voices Tie Tee / A twist on the traditional tee!

2 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday – Gym to School Edition

  1. These are great! A couple of them have been added to my “things I need in my life, okay not really need, but really want” list!

    And, a few friends have recommended Zella workout capris/ do you have a favorite style? I like compression and stay put for serious runs and lifting.

    Thanks for sharing!

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