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Dress: Spirit World Headquarters / Sunglasses: Goodr / Earrings: Virtue Jewelry / Beer: Revolver Full Tang IPA

Hallelujah! It’s almost football season! I love football. I particularly love UT Longhorn football. I remember my first UT football game in August 1999. It was so hot. I threw on shorts and a UT t-shirt and headed to the game thinking I was properly dressed. When I got there I saw all these darling girls in their cute orange and white outfits and I was a little mortified. I really dislike it’s being under-dressed. I also really dislike Longhorn losses. Both happened that day. It never occurred to me that you could be under-dressed for a football game, but by game two I was ready.  Since then I always keep my eye out for cute burnt orange clothes. Lucky for us, since 1999, a lot of clothing companies have started carrying game day wear.

My game days have drastically changed since college. They involve a little more tv watching and less actual game attendance; grilling outside instead of hitting up Baby A’s for their purple margaritas (really… did anyone actually like these?!) and refereeing my own children’s tackles instead of yelling at the game referees. Nevertheless, I still go all in for game day.  This year, I found a new to me company,  Spirit World Headquarters, that is run by 100% by a mama. I LOVE these dresses. They are light, airy and embroidered. (I’m a sucker for an embroidered dress. Don’t ask me how many I have!). These dresses are perfect for those August and September football games whether you are actually sitting in the stands or just in your backyard grilling! Spirit World Headquarters currently only has colors for UT, A&M and TCU,  but the purple could double as LSU so my Louisiana friends are not left out! She has a variety of tops and dresses so check them out and get game day ready!

Below are some other UT game day options – Hook ‘Em!

Adorable gingham shorts!


Easy top! Wear now with white or denim shorts. Wear in the fall with jeans and booties!


A very on trend skirt!


Look at this jacket!! LOVE!



One of those tops old school fans might not consider game day worthy, but I do!





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