Candy Land

L: How far is Candy Land?

J: Do you mean Sugar  Land?

Our move to Texas was in the works, officially, since late April, when J’s employer informed him he was coming back to the Houston office. We moved mid-June so it was a relatively quick transfer. I always assumed that when we moved back to Houston we would move back to the area we lived in before. It was more centrally located; J’s commute wouldn’t be that bad, and I’d be close to the all the fun stuff I missed about Houston. However, after a quick look at the real estate prices and school options we turned our sights a little farther out of town. We started looking at the various suburbs and honestly, it was a little overwhelming. Should we go to Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Cypress, Humble? There were so many options and they each had pros that we liked. We settled on Sugar Land because it was one of the closest, relatively, to my parents house near the Galleria, and because the elementary school was ranked in the top 10 in the Houston area.

I wish I could say our move has been easy, but when you live in a place for five years and make really great friends, it is hard to start over. One reason we were drawn to Sugar Land, and particularly, our neighborhood, was that it had that “community” feel we had come to love about Mandeville.  We did have that sense of community when we came home from our vacation to find a huge tree limb down in our backyard and a damaged fence. I posted on my neighborhood’s FaceBook page and the limb was hauled off and fence repaired that same day! I was so grateful for people who pointed me in the right direction! Transitions take time though and we are trying to be patient with the process of settling in to a new home.

Oh, and Lucy hasn’t shown any disappointment that there is no Peppermint Forest in Sugar Land.


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